Mango Season

Mango Season, Marcelino's Balay, Sumida Farm 2007

During the summer the doorway of Marcelino’s farm shed is framed by ripening mangoes.  Years ago a mango tree could be found in practically every yard on Oahu.  Nowadays, not so much.


Corned Beef and Watercress

Corned Beef and Watercress

Corned Beef and Watercress is a classic Sumida family dinner from our small-kid days.  Quick and easy to prepare, Ma made it often and she insisted on using only Libby’s corned beef in the black and red can.

Kauila 6

Kauila 8x10 2014

Built in 1889, Kauila 6 is the first locomotive bought by Oahu Railway & Land Co.  It can be found at the Hawaiian Railway Museum in Ewa.