Mango Season

Mango Season, Marcelino's Balay, Sumida Farm 2007

During the summer the doorway of Marcelino’s farm shed is framed by ripening mangoes.  Years ago a mango tree could be found in practically every yard on Oahu.  Nowadays, not so much.


One thought on “Mango Season

  1. In the “olden days”, mango trees were iconic. During mango season, everybody and his aunties had mangoes so that you couldn’t even give them away. Bags were left sneakily on somebody’s back porch or thrown away in the rubbish cans. The City and County finally had to pass a “mango” law limiting the weight of mangoes discarded per pickup. The decline in the mango tree population is directly related to urban development on Oahu. Who has room for a mango tree in their tiny yard? And, of course, no mango trees grow in pots in a condo.


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