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Wo Fat Chop Sui

117. Wo Fat Chop Sui

11 x 14 oil

I left out the chain-smoking guy slumped against the storefront behind me, the gracious “Superwoman” in her red satin cape and gold crown, cops dashing in and out of their station, and the pigeons tussling in the gutter over a tossed sandwich.  All this and exhaust-fuming buses flying by.  It’s a bustling circus and every now and then the ono smell of roast pork and steamy manapua rises above it all.  I love to paint there.



Mango Season

Mango Season, Marcelino's Balay, Sumida Farm 2007

During the summer the doorway of Marcelino’s farm shed is framed by ripening mangoes.  Years ago a mango tree could be found in practically every yard on Oahu.  Nowadays, not so much.