Corned Beef and Watercress

Corned Beef and Watercress

Corned Beef and Watercress is a classic Sumida family dinner from our small-kid days.  Quick and easy to prepare, Ma made it often and she insisted on using only Libby’s corned beef in the black and red can.

One thought on “Corned Beef and Watercress

  1. The dinner of corned beef and watercress is the heart and soul of the Sumida family. With cans of corned beef, spam, vienna sausage and salmon in the cupboard, Mom could always put a fast, delicious meal on the table. And when Dad caught fish, we would cut watercress from the field and have watercress with mayonnaise and shoyu or put sashimi on a bed of watercress. Eat plenty watercress!


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