I have assembled here a portfolio of my paintings from the past few years. Most of them were painted on location and the larger ones were painted at home using a smaller, plein air study and photos as reference. I love to paint and I hope this shows in my work. Some of them are available for sale and others have gone on to new homes. I hope you enjoy browsing through my paintings.

Go to ALL AS SLIDESHOW to view them all together or go exploring in the Archives or Categories to view them as individual posts with comments.  Click on the post title to see a larger image.

Thanks for stopping by!  Please come back from time to time to see what’s new.

Morning Light, Heeia Kea 20x30 2015 - Copy (1280x955)


3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. aloha Barbara , glad you launched your blog/website, it was long overdue, and helps to showcase all the great paintings you have done over the years, as fellow artist would say “you don’t put out junk,”
    as all the paintings showcased have a ease and quality to them that only came via long, consistent
    and diligent study , glad to count you as a fellow artist and great friend, mark n. brown


  2. Hi barbara:)

    This is shar
    I never got a chance to see your painting at the hcc. But by chance found this site.

    Great job.

    Mr.Furtado would be envious..haha.

    Take care



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